What do Mexican people think of China and Chinese

But if you hang around with Mexicans, they are basically very nice people, no real issues at all. The bad impression over Chinese is not something specific to Mexicans, it is a fact of general world view of old generation Chinese, but China is changing so fast and will keep changing to a dominant world power in just another 20 years.
==> Conclusion: no real issue between Chinese and Mexicans.

Did you know Mexico had an Anti-Chinese Campaign from 1911 to 1934? And that the effects of this persecution still affect how Mexicans regard China and Chinese?

Mexican attitudes toward the Chinese are laced with years of racism and genocide. Unfortunately, most Mexicans have never met a Chinese person and their ignorance contributes to perpetuating petty racist jokes and stereotypes. At the same time, attitudes toward China as a nation are of respect, caution, and growing collaboration. Despite a dark past, Mexico’s relationship with China is at an all time high, and attitudes toward Chinese people are improving rapidly.